Myopic Media Audio Archives

Welcome to the local era of time travelling DJs der Jawa (Ian McCoy) and Jbird (Jay Hixson). In the early twenty-first century, the Myopic Mediacast provided the latest and greatest in minimal, techno, house, and dance music from all over the galaxy on a weekly "inter-web radio show". Times have changed and now we just read and nap a lot. The entire archive is free to download. Check our twitter for occasional updates and new mixes.

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03/21/10 - The Jawa Myopic Mediacast 181:41
03/07/10 - The Jawa on 177:33
02/21/10 - The Jawa on 176:07
02/07/10 - The Jawa on 165:10
01/24/10 - The Jawa on 165:34
01/10/10 - The Jawa on 169:32
10/17/10 by The Jawa Myopic Mediacast 111:17